I’ve got a really exciting new leg of life and venture building phase of my journey percolating in the critical infrastructure, industrial hemp, and “help us all not die” and “be resilient for what’s next” spaces. In an increasingly interconnected world, the effects of dangerous pathogens pose a significant risk to human health and to […]

11 days until the election the red headline screamed from the television screen, like a threat. Trump’s hate-filled, fear-mongering voice hit my brain this morning like well-aimed buck shot. I’d awoken late — 11:30 — my attention instantly pulled to the MSNBC headline, “Trump in Colorado.” Damn. I’d slept through the morning, and stayed up late tinkering with start-upey […]

Friend and human mind I very much admire Jerry Michalski Twitter-shared two remarkably prescient videos from the PC Forum today (see epic photos from 77 to 95). If you watch, which I strongly suggest you do, you’ll see and hear pieces of the Internet being made. If you were born after 1995 and not a technological insider, […]

It seems logical to point out that how we feel, what we say, and how we act are defined by a set of emotional, psychological, experiential, biological, and cognitive truths that informs how we behave in the world. It’s a good time to talk about this. We are not who we eat, so to speak. However, who we […]

You learn what you need to learn from the places the universe wants you to learn it from. Or at least that’s what I’m working on accepting this week. Learning to let go of our attachments to things, people, experience, outcomes is how we leave space for what can happen to emerge. Easy to say, […]

In the workforce, it’s not just finding bias, it’s teaching people to get past bias and being able to see the performance metrics of new “unbiased” behavior in business ecosystems. This is at the core of both business and profit performance as well as competitiveness and survivability in an an ever-changing world. In our personal lives, […]