On Technology

Technology gives us the ability to live many lives simultaneously. With advances in quantum computing, deep learning, blockchain, crypto, plant-based and green technology, bioscience and more, it also gives us brand new raw materials to solve problems and more efficient and sustainable (and potentially profitable) supply chains.

Who creates it, scales it, and wields it, and who finances, owns, and controls all this next-general innovation defines the kind of world we can have.

It’s complicated.

It is also why it is imperative that diversity and equity become ubiquitous values to all these new systems and to the design of new technology that will be or already is ubiquitous to our existence. Without equity and accessibility to technology that gives us wellness and wisdom for all – regardless of socio-economic statuses- genius and control remains too centralized. And the world needs all the capacity of genius it can unleash. 

  • Fascinating are the questions around deep learning and how to use it to give us more localized and individual power over our data, our knowledge, our consciousness (and Gaia and God know we need that).
  • What will quantum computing and blockchain do to help us better understand and protect our behaviors and critical supply chains?
  • How will innovations help us deliver smarter and less expensive healthcare, education, and energy solutions from the earth and for people?

I am also deeply intrigued about whether we can point AI to help people see the better angels of our natures, to change our negative behavior traits, to evolve past racism and hatred, and be healthier instead of sicker.

We need to make faster and smarter decisions about capital, use of diminishing resources, and fully re-imagine supply chains to terra form the crap out of what we have to fix globally, so we can still be around to care.

The big kahuna behind all that is innovation and how we will use it to accelerate our human and individual and collective consciousness and awareness.

Technology and capital (all forms of it) are the threads of a grand human fabric which is frayed, which is in desperate need of repair and remaking if we expect to save the world and ourselves (each other as we go).

I believe that the Jason Silva’s and Ray Kurzweil’s of the world are correct. Singularity is here.

John von Neumann said “the ever accelerating progress of technology … gives the appearance of approaching some essential singularity in the history of the race beyond which human affairs, as we know them, could not continue.”

His definition of the Singularity was that Singularity is the moment beyond which “technological progress will become incomprehensibly rapid and complicated, which means we are now in the stage of acting on what all we know, and that means people have to get out of their own way to optimize that wisdom.   

We have arrived.

In the meantime, I explore and remain open to the possibility that I can contribute to literally changing the world and every human being’s life in it by my actions and perseverance to understanding and wielding technology as a force for good.

I better, and so should you.

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