On Life

The Art of Possibility

One of the tricks to remaining a sane person in an insane world is to laugh as much as possible.

To be able to accept the terms of one’s own humanity, to open up and invite what is truly best about being human, we have to be able to take our purpose and gifts seriously, but life and all it brings, not so much. This is the secret to a happy life.

Not to laugh in the face of the ridiculous is to swim against the tide of one’s own biological programming; to virally infect one’s own blueprint. When we take ourselves too seriously we close ourselves off to the art of possibility.

If there is one absolute truth about the way you and I work, it is this: in this life, we need to call things what they are, we need to see the fools for their folly so we can separate our life team from all those who should be relegated to the bowels of the village because they are not for us.

We need to be able to see things and people the way they are, and not as we would have them be, so that we can make good choices. We need to be able to laugh in the face of absurdity, when it shows up on our door step at midnight begging us to go to the corner bar and tie one on, especially when that absurd character is our inner child.

To be true to one’s self takes knowing who we are, and that my friend, requires an excellent and well-developed sense of humor, a warrior attitude about going after what we believe in and stand for. We need to be able to laugh at the ridiculousness we contribute to so heartily, so that when we fall on our faces and feel the grit of the concrete, we know we are truly in our lives, for better or worse.

Humor is a key component to an extraordinary life.

Heartfelt, long-term good humor and self deprecation are signs of a human being willing to jump into their lives, willing to risk both the extraordinary unknown and the awful known because they know even if things go awry, they’ll be able to laugh about it later over dinner with people who love them.

womanpianoBad humor is the sign of brokenness, of an inability to risk unbuttoning the robe of protection worn like a human body condom against some immobilizing disease that can never be named.

Humor is also an extreme emotion, and though we fall victim to the false stories of pharmaceutical companies who would like us to believe relief from those pesky extreme emotions is just a blue pill away, extremes are where we live. We seem to spend our lives upset instead of in awe, when what we need to be doing is realizing that a life safe from the truest quirks and spasms of reality is no life at all.

That is why I write. That is why I build companies. That is why I take risks to change the world. I try to keep it in the wonder and funny column.

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