Quantum Everything Please

The Art of Evolving

If there is one absolute truth about the path to achieving accelerated human capacity it is this: everyone must be optimized for their strengths and gifts, we all do (but should be treated) as if we have the same value from an opportunity and human decency lens, and we need to be supported in the supply chain that we exist within to become what we have the capacity to be.

People either make everything go or they are the resistance or explosive to terrible outcomes, some of which are increasingly unsurvivable. And there is a terrible inequity and imbalance between those who have resources and those who do not, between workists and labor and wealth and capital (or access to it), and those serving/enabling the basic underpinnings of society’s engines, which are currently crumbling or have crumbled under this imbalance. We MUST get a handle on it globally and locally. 

I think innovation as the means of bringing this vision of achieving our greatest potentials into reality, so we can all live a vibrant, healthy, and bright future against the economic, social, climate, and political revolutions underway requires:

  • accelerated and contextual knowledge by many not just a few,
  • vastly big reductions in fear and technological changes so information can’t be used to manipulate the masses,
  • disaggregated expertise and perspective – or better said – the lifting of walls which keep wisdom and equity from most of the human capital on the planet,
  • a universal education and healthcare system for the world,
  • accelerated development of key intelligences: consciousness, compassion, emotional intelligence and the like.

This will require millions of high performing humans, working in collaboration, dismantling failing infrastructures, shifting vested capital in huge global sectors (like oil, agriculture, fuel) to green, sustainable new ones (no longer alternatives by the way). Not tomorrow, but today. 

Each of us will need to be better at everything, especially how we educate, serve, and support basic necessities for each other like shelter, food, energy, healthcare and moving about the world.

Elon Musk is many things to many people, but his giga-mind and others like Chris Saca, Naval Ravikant, or Rob Roy of Switch are right about one thing: we MUST take hyper accelerated swings at the most fundamentally important human pieces of our architecture and future TODAY.

Quantum computing, crypto becoming ubiquitous, cooperative and distributed energy and fuel infrastructures based on green inputs, universal healthcare and education, space exploration, plant-based medicine/protein/materials – these are among the big ones happening NOW. 

This is very complicated soup now and we will have to remove the possibility that the politics of politics and fear and ignorance can be used as weapons in this re-building work, as we have learned they most certainly do muck the system to the point of breaking. There is no room for any of that now. 

The wider the disparity gaps of health, security, safety, and wealth (or even access to it), the more we understand how equity and abundance should be universal values embedded in our systems, because if we can’t get there, climate and industrial viruses of every literal and metaphorical kind will win, and that is a zero sum game.

This is why I build companies. This is why I take risks to change the world. The stakes are immeasurably high. Here I will begin to share out what I’m seeing moving to these ends. 

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