My Story

I am a builder of hard things. I am a solver of audacious problems: I stretch, I fight the good fights, and I try to leave people better off than when I found them.

There is, of course, the CV. And you can find that here at LinkedIn. And there is a backstory. Our blueprint says a lot about why we are here, and why were we given the tools we were gifted with to use to good ends or serve each other. In the end, it is over, and that is all there is to say about that.

1966 – 1970: Made in Fargo, at St. Luke’s Hospital. Born upside down and backward, in the worst storm in North Dakota History. Moved to CA, lost a father, gained an independent streak. Survivor.

Our family farm in North Dakota that is now long gone. The stain of it lives on in my whole family.
Our family farm in North Dakota that is now long sold. The indelible impacts live on in my whole family.

1971 – 1975: Assessed as intellectually gifted, in Citrus Heights, CA. Learned to run from bullies and accept Dads who leave. Chameleon.

1976 – 1979: Wrote my first six page non-fiction essay about eunuchs. Suspended from school by a Mormon educator with a predisposition to protect his genitalia. Anarchist.

1980 – 1983: Discovered my inner-athlete, boyfriends, and dramatic arts. Praised for my writing, my right-handed lay up, and geek’s fascination with adult, intellectual subjects such as diplomatic relations with China and computer technology. Over-achiever.

1984 – 1985: Ran away from myself to college, with un-quenchable appetite to hurtle myself into environments that scared the stuffing out of me with wild abandon that can only be looked back upon as the period of my life when God and the Universe chose not to allow me to kill myself from the sheer force of my bad decisions. I was over-achieving and wrapping myself up in a protective coating of okayness. Broken arrow.

1986 – 1995: The decade of bachelor degrees, bonds that can’t be broken, a baby, bold entrepreneurial moves, and politics. Wanderer, wife, early stages of warriorship.

1996 – 2000: All grown up and kicking fanny in the fast-paced fury of finding myself. Mother and mover.

2001 – 2005: Crisis’, intellectual expansion, risks, rewards, Achilles heal decisions, and unbinding me. Warrior.

2006 – 2010: The healing years, the sharing years, the giving years, doors opening, the hardest lessons finally accepted. Fixer.

2011 – 2017: Widgetry under full sail. Lots of concrete, but longer list of successes, most of which have to do with serving others. Thicker skin, harder spine, clearer mind, open heart. Found my sword and learning how to use it to the ultimate end. Venture grower. Value creator, Healer. Weapon for good fully on her way to living up to her potential.

2017-Present: Returned to my farming roots, built the largest U.S. industrial hemp supply chain for the CPG sector (Silver Lion Farms, and realized my work is not only NOT done in saving the planet, but that it’s time to stand up and help save us from ourselves.

The world, it seems is small. Our lives, we discover, are minute glimpses in the rear view of human experience, and if we’re not careful, we could miss it.


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