About Protection…

I’ve got a really exciting new leg of life and venture building phase of my journey percolating in the critical infrastructure, industrial hemp, and “help us all not die” and “be resilient for what’s next” spaces.

In an increasingly interconnected world, the effects of dangerous pathogens pose a significant risk to human health and to the critical infrastructure upon which society relies. Numerous threats and hazards to homeland security are found in the broad categories of adversarial/human-caused, natural, and technological/accidental threats. These threats disrupt essential services.

Pandemic influenzas like COVID-19 fall under the public health sector currently under threat. Our innovative processes identify, analyze, and communicate the presence of hazardous biological agents (bacteria, viruses, and toxins), while our products and services control and mitigate them to a safe level at an acceptable cost.

My new venture (and partners) are uniquely positioned to manage risks to human health as well as individual operations and assets, such as those in the commercial facilities, construction, and transportation sectors, and to determine effective strategies to make them more secure and resilient.

Resilience is the ability to prepare for and adapt to changing conditions and withstand and recover rapidly from disruptions.

Cobeal-Genesis is our new name, and our physical and virtual systems are already being utilized across economic sectors, making infrastructure assets, systems, and networks more robust, agile, and adaptable. The science and manufacturing lineage of what we are bringing to the US is something I can’t take credit for, but I am humbled beyond belief to be part of the future story of trusted science coming from the US to help us all get back to work, life, and play.

We are coming…

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