Tackling What’s Broiling About the Human Race

I’m not interested in throwing echoed words of pain from any side of the human extreme debate field on the fire. But I do want to stake my insights about where the solution may live for what ails us, just in case the universe truly does work like a spiral, and wisdom can get picked up from the furthest corners of expression.

As humanity pitches and yaws against itself, and the volume of our pain and extremism tips toward soul-breaking, here’s the nuggets of insight I’ve gleaned so far about how to get past all that, for what it may be worth:

  1. Everyone immediately place everyone else’s joy and wellness as an equal priority to their own. If it’s an agenda, it must be a we agenda.
  2. Cosmically outlaw hatred and fear. Whatever it takes for every human being to awaken their mindful, conscious awareness of their connectedness to others. This is a greater priority than saving all the capital we may invest in anything else globally. Without it, no amount of innovation or investment will keep us from falling off the cliff. We can’t be together to save the planet or ourselves from what exists on the horizon if we’re killing each other over real estate, religion, or fear.
  3. Turn the goal of technology innovation in every aspect toward helping people unlock the best angels of their nature and their born-engineered potential.
  4. Who are we? How will we truly ever know the power of human potential if we keep creating systems to limit or kill it?

That’s it. Be we, be awake, and build new technology that puts the human first in the race.


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